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Suzuki has built some pretty Badass Pike's Peak cars over the years. From the Early days of their twin engine, 4wd Cultus. (Metro/Firefly/Swift). Followed by their most famous variation of the Escudo (Tracker/Sidekick/Sunrunner) To their most recent, XL7.  All Radical. Seriously, click that. And if your new to Pikes peaks footage, then know your roots. Want to know more about Pikes peak? It's one of the oldest automotive racing venues in the world, with the first record coming in 1916!


  • always loved the escudo..:)

    Nelu on

  • 3 Generations…

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  • Ya definitely the escudo in GT 2.

    Aircooled on

  • i loved making that thing do wheelies in gran turismo hahaha! I KNOW YOU ALL DID IT, DON’T LIE!

    tehluckinator on

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