As the Crow Flies

Today was a weird one, yet a calming and enjoyable one. It reminded me of the early days of speed hero; I enjoyed it. The crow apparently represents potential, both in magic and creation. Recently, they've been following me. I'm not a spiritual fellow, and have some arguments about it, but I can't shake a few things: Jokes about the number 404, and crows in my path. I'm a bit of a nut, I find it magical to stumble across obscure cars like this LTI TX2. It's not everyday you stumble across a beat up, used, yet left hand drive, British Taxi. London Taxi International sold these stupidly rare LHD examples to the states. It's a mishmash of parts from cars you've probably never heard of, and was never really a success here. Sold in Chicago through London Taxi North America, the owner of this example informed me only 6 had been imported to Canada, though not in pristine condition, at a hefty cost. Single front seat, a divider separates the driver from the reach bench, and fold down seats. The wide rear doors and small chair lift allow wheel chair access, and driver passenger communication is handled by intercom. Newer models even feature specially programmed closed circuit television. The day continued on with endless amounts of westfalias, broken up by this very lightly modified Malibu wagon. The pictures just don't quite capture it's cool. As subtle as the wagon was, some of the people Warren and I met today were not. Including these gents who let me snap their eBay'd 'motor cycles'. Pretty rad, a small 2 stroke conversion kit for your bike! The biggest issue of the day, was the release of the Zombie 2 to it's new owner. It's sad, but James is moving on. I really don't know what to say about this. This short story ends with a view of a drift house hold. Teo E7's, two E8's and an S13. Someones like's their 80's Japan.

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  • josh bought the zombie??

    • Anonymous
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  • No its going far away. It will get used well though.

    • warren (Not UK)
  • hey I would like my lug nuts back pls.

    • coldstar
  • damn the zombie sold, thats a shame, i would drop my 3t in it and slide till the end of time

    • Jarrod