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Driftwerks 3 is THE video that got me into drifting, and of course the beginning of my Ueo crush, however, I realized I never shared a little piece of information it held that I found interesting. Nobushige Kumakubo is the famed leader of Team Orange, as well as the owner of the drift heaven Ebisu Circuit (which BTW was in NFS:prostreet as their drift track but you'd never know it because you couldn't tell where you were looking in that damn game). What I love about this video is it's just a mashup of old Option video footage, and much of it shows the state of drifting as it was when first presented to the rest of the world. Kumakubo was first known for his Sil80-truck, an orange truck conversion that was very well received. Sadly this truck has disappeared somewhere in the think it's in China now....anyways, people don't realize where the car came from. Watching DW3, I noticed a pre-D1GP raped Ebisu circuit and some very distinct colored 180sx. That's the famous Sil80 truck, BEFORE it was cut into a truck! Just to show you what I mean, here's the mid-step Pretty neat eh? And now for some video.

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    • Fallen Hero « Speed Hero
  • my feelings are the same for driftworks 3
    found it on limewire and fell in love

    • grant
  • i believe that blue 180SX was one of Hiraoka’s private rides, but i don’t think that was the one chopped into the truck…

    • zeus