Brass Knuckle Balls.

This is the reason I prefer D1SL over D1GP. Simply because it's back to the roots of organized Japanese drifting. For those of you who don't know D1 Grand Prix is a drifting series out of Japan, professionals work their way to qualify and earn a D1GP license so that they can compete. It used to be very grass roots, meaning that people with small budgets were competing evenly with those with big budgets. However, at some point D1GP moved away from the smaller, slower multi-corner track layouts, to the larger, single corner track layouts. Many of the slower, low budget cars had not a chance, and D1GP lost a lot of is flavor, variety and excitement. This was due to the popularity of drifting in Japan as a spectator sport, as the smaller tracks were not large enough venues to hold the amounts of people coming to watch. However, from this popularization, sprouted a feeder series for the D1GP, called D1 Street Legal. There were heavier restrictions on the cars to keep the budgets down and competitive for average joes, but also the tracks were many of the old, original, smaller kart based courses the D1GP began upon. Thus, watching some of the new D1SL is similar to that of the old d1GP, however, what is noticble is the familiarity builders are becoming with drifting steering angles, modded knuckles and racks. Rad video found on Driftworks.

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