It's been over 2 years living in Victoria. Operating, interacting with the world is quite different than it was when I first arrived.  The island itself hasn't changed much though, but how my everyday life goes on it, too it, has. Before making foot prints on this, for all the islanders know it, black and white soil, there was a strong scene here in Victoria. Looking back on the footage the driving was terrible, but the cars and the crowd were involved and entertained. Posted above is the old wave. The budgets were bigger, the experience less so, but the enthusiasm obviously showed. Well built machines were out and about, glossy and pimp. These days, I don't see quite the same approach. With time comes evolution. We've been tracking in the foot prints of a well known country, and like father like son, we've managed to keep a similar pace. Flashy rides have slowly been pushed aside. Driving experience begins to put into perspective what matters: More driving experience. Less money, more wheel time. The focus has begun to shift to a true skills competition, and you can really begin to see it in the driving. People are getting closer, smoother, but the cars are much more haggard and shitty. The next step is to allow the skills increase. Some guys began to out drive their cars and have built, or are building greater challenges. Many are starting to catch up to the capabilities of their vehicles. Once this happens, the next logical step is the return of glamour and flash. For now though, ugly will do.  For now people will work on being able to maximize their cars. I spent a good chunk of time teaching at this past event. I've been doing so at each event this year. Helpful tips and pointers, ride alongs with coaching. It's surprising to notice people improving. The thing is Drifting is one of the easiest sports to learn, the difficult part is getting track time. My focus was to maximize that track time. A few barked orders into the doors of cars, eye balling runs and promoting confidence seemed to really pay off. When someone did something that showed improvement, it worked well to congratulate them, while pointing out what specifically made the difference. If they were struggling with something, to show them an alternative approach. Beginning soon will be our competition season. The greater number of drivers this year will make it challenging for us to keep track of all the 240's. For some it was their first time out. With in this group of new comers was a wild variety of skill levels. Some which changed completely by the end of the day! Here's to the new wave, and a great season ahead. :) Thanks to Alex White for the photos! Keep updated on for the next event schedule! [gallery columns="1" orderby="rand"]

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