Chill Bro, it's the weekend.

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My day started like any other; in the passengers seat of some strangers truck hauling goat meat and framed paintings. A dog sit beside me chewing milk bones at his leisure and quantity, straight out of what appeared to be, a once full box. This day, was going to be a relaxed one. Sun was out, clouds gathered into a group and shuffled into the next room, and the parking lot filled with cars from another land. People smiled, tires burned, sunburns became a hot fashion for the afternoon and so did cheers and clapping. Entertainment was a musk about, with a few hints of soulful satisfaction. There's something beautiful about a harmless release of aggression, pent up feelings melting away as tense shoulders drop and smiles are now accidentally easy. It's peculiar how objects in motion seem to slow things down.  A good day of drifting. [gallery columns="2" orderby="title"]


  • woah nice

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  • this is why we love Vriend

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