Corolla 2, revenge of the tercel....?

As of recent I've been crazy busy planning a business trip overseas. That's correct, the guy that lives under the true definition of 'broke' is somehow planning on hitting Japan again. It takes a lot of organization to get to other places in the world for free, but well, it can be done. One of the cars I'm looking to see this time I'm over there is the little known Corolla 2, or more correctly Corolla II. This is a bit of a confusing car, I mean, it's a tercel, pictured above it's Corsa, also known as a Corolla II, or later on in it's life you might have got it as a Toyota Soluna. James really pushed Tercels on me, and Robin defined my interest for the EL30 series. That mid 80's lazer cut space design never seems to evade my interests. What's a real shame is us north americans never got the cool flip up headlight design, or the big nice one piece, colour matched bumpers. What gives, I want all that, and the 3E-TE turbo engine that Japan got.

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  • My first car was a high-mileage ’89 Tercel hatch with a rusted-through hole in the floor, collapsed strut towers and a 3 speed slushbox. Awful, atrocious handling pig that felt as substantially built and engineered as a Chinese golf cart.

    That said, it took a beating. Off-roading, what sounded like 8000+ RPM neutral drops (no tach), 20K oil MI oil change intervals, bumper car matches with idiot friends – once got the speedo up to 105 with the front wheels on ice and the handbrake set.

    Never heard of this, and I thought I new vintage Toyota pretty well. Fascinating stuff, thanks.

    • Alan
  • Get that front end, the skirts and the wheels.

    You’re putting it on one of these, Quinn.

    Then you will have a true Quinn style one off car.

    And what the hell is with that trackback?

    • Needs More Speakers
  • ugly as eff find a kp61

    • grant