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Crazy pictures.

Along long time ago, Drifting.com was a big and popular site. I don't know exactly what happened to it, but it used to be the place to connect with "Drifting stars" and get swag and shit, now who knows what's going on with it? In any case, there were some great "Crazy" threads filled with pictures just dedicated to specific car models. Click in for the links! I apologize for missing links or pictures, these are old threads. There's plenty of other great relics on drifting.com just hunt around through! Crazy FC Crazy S15 Crazy Soarer Crazy Skyline Crazy Z Crazy S14 Crazy S13 Crazy FD Crazy RX8 Crazy Previa Crazy AE86 Crazy JZX Crazy Domestic Crazy MR2 Crazy Supra Find more Crazy


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  • dug

    maybe they lost popularity…due to taking 3 months or more to ship purchased items!!!!!!

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