Fantasy, Reality?

3D Printing is a concept I was introduced to back in 2005. A GTS axle I had in storage was becoming a hassle, so on the local Corolla forums I put up an ad "GTS axle trade for life experience". A few people replied, but one came though. I was whisked away to Toronto and London Ontario for the afternoon, our destinations: Rapid prototyping.  I was shown to at least 4 to 5 different types of rapid prototyping. The most impressive were the few different types of 3D printing. Recently, I came across A website that allows you to print your own designs and have them shipped to your home. Having numerous rim designs floating around my computer I had printed, a miniture Speed Hero Heart Wheel, it's in the mail! Interestingly enough, Aaron suggested I make some 1/24th scale versions of my rims for sale. Make sense. Here's the demo-box art! I will be updating these with a final version, probably including a tire of some sort modeled right onto the wheel for easy installation, or perhaps some other combination.   For now you can check out the demo version and purchase at your own risk!

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  • sounds awesome, i’m trying to convince my boss to buy a 3d printer for our shop

    • nathan