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Another Cap D Come and Gone. The seasons opener was a fairly smooth event, with some mainland flavour coming out on top. Simplicity is the most rewarding aspect of Cap D. Show up, bring a helmet and drive your car, although there are some who seem to miss this concept, beyond the 'have fun' attitude there really is no other agenda. A car that runs and the battery doesn't seem to bounce out the trunk onto the track helps. This was the first Cap D that I can recall that no one went home on a trailer, I guess that's a good thing? Good form was the theme of the day, from the attire to the driving everything was pleasing. So pleasing in fact, the after party consisted of no one drinking their woes away on the free beer, those took what they wanted and actually passed partial pictures back! I can't imagine how satisfied people were to have done that!

Judging is always a questionable point. I do volunteer for it and as a whole enjoy it, however I do still struggle with the judgement of my peers. Boiling the topic, brings us down to the core of assessment, you are judged solely on that very moment. A drift judge has to determine what strikes them as a good run, the idea of technical wins in a motoring activity focused on a driver enjoying themselves is a stale and depressing thought. As a judge, there is definitely a separation of judging someones progress over the day, year or career, and paying attention simply for the contrast of the two vehicles being judged at the time.  Whether you had a good day driving that day, doesn't weigh in on the fact of the impact of the run, and that's just it, the core of assessment is 'how fuckin cool was that shit'. Drifting is a way of hangin' loose and bein' gnarly, and there's really no technical measurement for 'radical'. Some people watch birds or interesting flowers, I observe car culture. Over the last year or so being in Vic, I've begun to notice strength in the drift scene begin to continue flourishing as it did previously, but it's now starting to focus. Teams are popping up, and people are beginning to define themselves as a group of good friends, rather than just individuals. Much like an alien race, far advanced past us, watches earthlings to get a sense of their past and watch history repeat, these teams begin to show a development in the culture similar to that of Japan. Although we have the information as influence, teams are not a requirement to drifting. The forming of these teams, with the inclusion of shops and garages, is strictly from a motivation towards fun. Hopefully the team movement strengthens further from here, and that the videographers, and photographers, like myself, reward those who are willing to show they enjoy their friends. Also, I love shit beat cars. Needs more dents. [gallery columns="2" orderby="rand"]

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  • Thanks for the 28 minutes of gopro footage. some of it made it into my videos.

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