Goodbye Victoria, Thanks for all the fish.

Seriously though, we ate a lot of sushi, lots of it. I just want to say thanks for having me. It was destined to be an adventure from the start. I left Kitchener Ontario in a free tercel found on craiglists. Baldy summers tires, and a radio it made it all the way across canada in the dead of winter on a solid diet of oil. I was told numerous times I would die along the way, but here I am, ten toes, 11 fingers, two eyes and 4 egos. Ready to begin my next adventure. I have to say that I've only been successful in all my outings due to a tiny little website, obscured in the corner of the fuzzy vast interweb. Sewn by spiders of mystery the internet led me to Dorikaze and Dorikaze has led me to awesome things. Corollas, I love them more than most people love their livers. Be honest there, that alcohol sponge somewhere in your middle doesn't get as much admiration as the little family cars I cherish dearly. Dorikaze loves them too. Enough to group together and argue about them online. Document little photos of small improvements, boring to everyone except a micro percentage of enthusiasts dusted across Canada. DK has always been my spring board of curiosities, they nay not be by my side at every moment as I break social rules and records no one is paying attention to; however they seem to support it, without question, anytime the topic comes up. Money where their mouths are, they show support both emotional and otherwise. By the time my tires rolled off the ferry in that smokin' joe camel of a tercel my Corolla count for victoria was already 2. A little yellow wagon and a robins egg blue ae86 were waiting for me. Along with those was a steep driveway and a couch to sleep on. DK long ago led me to a local. Back in Kitchener, I was an eager beaver with Corollas on the brain, and wanted to just chat to some of the members in person. There was only one other member in town at the time. Thanks to a DK drift carting event, we got to meet up. James and I took the long trip to Toronto to bash some karts. James has always been the biggest supporter of my wild adventures. A poor philanthropist. Hes always done whatever he could to make things happen. Without him, I'd probably be missing those toes we mentioned earlier, or atleast down to only 10 fingers. Two Corollas awaited, a yellow wagon was picked for it's clean title and fresh cali-shell. The ae86 shed it's skin, and donated it's organs to the wagon. Bam, hit the ground running in Vancouver Island. From here, through DK I met everyone I needed to meet to have a good, successful time. More Corollas followed, and through all the mountain climbing, both with my feet and penis covered automobiles, fun was had interacting with cars. Instantly I became associated with the local Drifting Organization, Capital Drift. A few DKer's in there as well, it became my west coast family. Cap D just seemed to be a holiday on top of my holiday. Organizing events, and teaching drifting became a monthly, sometimes bi-sexually-monthly excuse to beat the shit out of cars and make good friends. Both statements, being true, but also very true. Cap D led me to meeting some of the greatest people. Where I left behind my loving and adoring Yes Guy Ontario friends, Cap D's stepped up to help out. Slowly my little yellow tin brick was assembled, not without trouble, from other refuse and garbage, all DK provided parts, and Cap D wrenching. From my days of couch wake boarding, to living in a forest, to living in a furnace room. Both DK and Cap D assembled my car. During this short 3 year span, I managed to have a trailer home, run a small business, own some corollas, cut some cars into trucks, do some streeting, ride some flatland, teach racing, import my own car from japan, get back into flatland, wash some cars, own some more corollas, help others build their cars, get people discounts on parts, own some more corollas, drink a lot of ice tea, finally learn some independence, own some more corollas, learn to ride motorcycles, learn to tango, climb some mountains, play bike polo,fall in love with a lovely girl, own some more corollas and drink more ice tea. I made a lot of good friends. Friends who took care of me at my weakest moments, and I just want to say thank you. The sum of the story, the TLDR is that Epic breeds Epic. Do something wild and challenging, you may not succeed, but a good story is all you were going to get from it either way. Thank you Victoria.  

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  • Went to radioshack today to try your method of LED’s but these are not an assembled bulb. These are 2 of the parts it seems you need to make the bulb. How mayny of the LED’s did you get? How many resistors? Also how did you wire them together to get them to work? Thanks.

    • Lola Shannon