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These guys will forever be my Hero's. For those of you new to drifting, you may want to write these guys a thank you letter. Yokota Airforce base located in Japan, these American boys were into drifting long before it hit US shores. You'll note that they were drifting 'boro boro' or 'missiles' long before the term was coined, perhaps they are the reason for the name? In any case, you'll also noticed a very young Robbie Nishida of Formula D fame, as well as Shinji Minowa of D1GP fame, who contiues the Hey Man line of products in Japan.

  It's nice to know these guys were such a staple in Drifting history. I bet none of them knew how influential their shenanigans were. Here's some Shinji Minowa of Hey Man on a VERY well known drift spot in Japan. note 2 things: The Bag, and this is for you Warren, the candle stick letters, I swear, purely coincidental.

  Now, this next video has been floating around the internet for ages, and many consider it to be one of the best runs documented in Gymhykana. Funny thing is, this is in the Yokata airbase, and driving this rainbow metal flake corolla is Charlie Tyson, another Jey Man member. If you watch the first video at the top again, the announcer actually rides along with Charlie in his Corolla.

This video here is a clip of Robbie Nishida, around the same era. Another Hey Man member, who now drifts an R35 GTR for Hankook tires in the Formula D and spent some time in D1GP as well. If your reading this Nick Oldford, 'dat stash'. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UV3vQ4EOUDs]

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  • damn, this is awesome.

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