Hippy Barfday!

This is just a birthday message for one of the quieter contributors to this blog, Needs More Speakers. Happy Birthday Aaron. Everybody stalk him and leave really strange birthday cards around his car. Some with clowns. Damn clowns.

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  • Apparently I confused 4age with 4Aaron GE so start celebrating, you’re making me look stupid.

    So…happy birthday some guy on another site who’s not Aaron.

    When’s your birthday?

    • zombievrobot
  • But… it’s kinda… not my birthday. Not yet at least. Did I mess up in the registration somewhere? Thanks, though.

    • Needs More Speakers
  • I’m leaving it up. It will be his birthday eventually. I’m just getting a jump on things.

    • zombievrobot
  • HAHAHAHA JAMES you fail.

    • discoquinn