I probably should have left a note.

Front Notice anything different?  No?  Here's a hint: It looks like someone else has succumbed to Quinn calibre madness. Sometimes my job at the local Toyota dealership brings me some cool surprises.  Today I was sent to go to the Toyota plant to pick up a vehicle for service, when I spot something flat black in the parking lot there. Flat black?  That's a little out of character for the people at the plant, there are a couple AE92 SR5s, and that Puma I saw a few months back.  That was cool to see.  But flat black?  Not your usual car here.  Then I realized what I'm looking at.  Here's what I saw: IMG_3238 Yeah, that's right.  Your eyes aren't decieving you.  Someone actually built a ute out of a 1998-2000 Corolla.  I actually went and got a camera at lunch so I could share.  let's take a look-see at what we have here. IMG_3239 Here's the front.  Normally, I would say something about the Wal-Mart hubcaps, but I'll let it slide this time.  What this photo doesn't show is the actual texture of the lighter paint.  I don't know how they got it, but it seemed to be  done with Pantone 372M green. IMG_3240 I'm not sure who these "Nails Bros" are, but I certainly like their car.  I wonder if they're anything like the Mario Bros.  The mirrors are a nice touch. IMG_3241 Unlike many of Quinn's attempts however, these guys actually built a wooden "bed" for their ute.  The spare tire carrier is actually quite inspired.  A little off in colour coordination, but a great use of a bike fender.  I guess that's the reverse light over to the left.  I get the El Corolla bit, but I'm not sure exactly what the C100 refers to.  Does anyone out there have any ideas? I'm also astonished that nobody has stolen the skull or the rat.  However, there is the possibility that they're replacements for other decorations that might have been stolen before. IMG_3242 Here's some detail on the construction of the bed.  I'm not sure what the function of the zig-zagging part on the back bit is supposed to be, but it makes for an interesting design at the very least. If anyone out there knows the owner of the car, please direct him/her over here.  We'd love to find out more about it. That's all the photos of this thing I have for now.  I was on the clock, so I didn't have much time to take any more pics.  Maybe next time.  I should probably get that note ready while I'm at it.

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  • Actually corollas with the code C means they are diesel powered
    The first letter of the chassis code denotes the engine family.
    The second letter is series of chassis
    The 3rd & 4th letters are the version of that chassis

    A-E86, A-E92, A-E101, A-E112 etc. all have A-series engines.
    (4A-GE, 4A-FE, 7A-FE, 7A-FTE etc)

    C-E96, C-E100 etc. all have C-series diesel engines.
    Full list of Toyota C-series diesel engines.

    Incidentally, the CE96 diesel wagon is where the popular ‘wagon-face’ comes from, ..That is seen on many AE9x’s petrol-powered vehicles.

    It’s a good look:

    An example of the engine code being incorporated into the chassis code is when this guy swapped a 3SGTE into and AE95 sedan, he then describes it’s code as being an SE95


    • Jed Man
  • I GET IT!

    The c is like the f in f150, or d in d50.


    C-100 is what trucked rolla’s shall be reffered to from now on.

    • Balatch
  • If I had seen this in the parking lot… I would have 100% blamed quinn. Regardless of my location in the world. Perhaps a brother, or relative?

    • Mark