I'm a bad hipster.

I'm a bad hipster, through some careful consideration I've come to the conclusion that hipsters are people who live their lives focused mainly around their topic of interest. The idea of elitism, their airs of proud individuality is given from their strong focus and obsession form their topic. This inability to relate others on a conversational level is proof of their depth of obsession. Art and music hipsters are the most common, and are the butt of " you haven't heard of them before" jokes. Often the hipster will move into towns and cities no matter the obscurity in order to exercise their hobby. Alternatively with the introduction of the Internet mixed with the now socially acceptable metrosexualism, them sheer numbers of hipsters has increased suddenly and obviously. I am a bad hipster, although I moved to another city to become more involved in my hobbies, unlike most hipsters I did not stem from a middle class or even well off home. The well kept looks and obscure clothing and furnishings are easy to obtain with a solid financial backing; the ability to focus on their interests without worry, no matter how strong the Interest really is. Like teenage angst, to be hip is a passing of age, a common, but unneeded milestone. For some it's a natural and comforting step, for others a forced and confused attempt at social approval. During either approach, with the strong focus on interest and hobby the results and current approach to thought or feel as mentioned above, may flop or change randomly without notice. The elitist attitude is from a sheer focus, a deep investment of time and interest, the passing and beginner interest should not be intimidated, but rather accept the fact as motivation, that a hipsters cold, compassionless shoulder, come from a youth of search engines and informative websites. Google it already.

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