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I've developed a fetish. I'm an EXTREME car nerd, and because of it, I want to get my hands wet and dirty. Dig in, fists first and see what happens. I spend much of my waking day surrounded by car related topics; wake up, check the blogs, and the forums, check my email and respond to my many emails regarding parts I find on Kijiji, wander through kijiji some more, get a craving for racing and head into some of my video games, get fed up none of the cars are to my exact and obscure tastes for this particular day, fire up my 3DS max program and continue modeling my current project, get stuck and begin googling for resource material or inspiration and stumble upon some new, and fun information about something related to a car I like, chat with people on my friends list about it (mostly Aaron, sometimes James, and the odd random), Aaron asks me to make a post.... You see, the reason I'm not original is because Brazil is awesome. I'm constantly dreaming of radical small pickup trucks, based on car chassis's. They seem the most fun and practical to me, light, sporty, functional and simplistic. They are the roots of an automobile, able to carry people and things, in the easiest, most fun, and cost efficient way possible: Brazil has this pretty much down pat. You see, pictured above is a Ford Pampa. Pretty basic, boxy looking truck. But this is my kinda thing you know? Why? Well it's based on the ever so famous Renault 12, which means it's got some pretty serious French rallying roots. Ever seen a 3 bolt Ford? Hell even the Kia Pride....errr Ford Festiva had 4 bolts! Quinn, you still haven't told me why you suck. Well, because they beat me too it. Who did? Ford...sort of. See the Pampa Duo pictured above is pretty close to my ideal cruck? Trar? Ute! But there is just something missing. A while back I designed my own car...ute? from scratch. A utilitarion ride, made from a tube frame chassis (no bends) with all flat plastic paneling. It was designed to be as light, well balanced and functional as it possibly could be. So simple to fix with the most basic of hand tools. The "Litoria" as it was called was a sports car...er....family...er....truck? Okay, so it had a removable rear section that could transform the vehicle easily into what ever purpose you needed. I thought it was pretty cool, but most people thought it was fugly. Fuck them, they drive rolling hotels on lease. Idiots. But, alas, it's really not a new idea, just the combination of ideas into a final product is new...was...never was; The Engerauto Topazzio beat me to it. The Topazzio was based on the Pampa pickup. Able to convert from a 4 seater hatch back, into a small pickup, and based on the Renault 12, it was a fairly sporty, affordable, mechanically simple and utilitarian vehicle! Although not AS utilitarian as the Litoria, it did offer a fun drive no matter what or how much you were hauling, and with it's shared platform the repair bill wasn't too excessive. Dammit, I thought I had something good going! I any case, this just solidifies my fucking lust for Brazilian cars. Hell, maybe I'll even make a post on the ballin' Ford F-1000 Turbo at some point.... Need more Topazzio?

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