Is That Safe?

So is it? Watch the video, I have the answer for you.

The answer is Yes, technically speaking. As much as you think it's another in our great posts on 4 Runners, it's not. But Quinn, surely you jest, my eyes are trained skilled machines and can tell a 4 runner when I see one. You'd be wrong. The Great Wall Motors produced "Safe". Yes that is the name of the company and the model. People question why this happens, why does china sell cars that are copies? Well, to be honest, most parts of Japanese cars are not built in Japan. Much of it is assembled in Japan, but the parts are made in China. China has no copyright/patent laws, and huge manufacturering prowess. This often results in one or two companies producing a huge amount of OEM parts for Japanese companies for cheap. The laws then dictate some interesting actions: Cars sold in China, must be built in China, and since they have no patent laws it just makes sense to design something new when you've got almost all the parts already sitting there.  BYD, Chery, GWM, FAW and many others just make ports of vehicles they supply most of the parts for.

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