Lada VFTS (1) Box flares, check, sideways check, rooster tail check, co-pilot and full cage, check. Seems like a pretty serious rally photo. Some real shizz is going down in the seat (no pun intended) of that rally car. Well your right, it is a serious rally car, and the VAZ 2101 is a perfect candidate for some oldskool rallying. Although Group B was the golden era of Rally racing for fans, there is still a strong group of followers of the true oldskool of rallying, the light weight, RWD, sedans. Much like the ford escort mk1/2, the Corolla SR5, Mitsubishi Lancer (first gen was RWD) and so on, the Vaz 2101 is a no frills, simple basic functioning rear drive car. VAZ_2104_04 The Fiat 124 as pictured above....Fiat? Yeah! The worlds BEST SELLING car! Oh ho-ho! Quinn, you must be wrong, you must not dare challenge those measurables! I dare, I do! The Fiat 124 is what I consider the worlds best selling car, as it sold...29,000,000 cars? Let's see here: The fiat 124 sold 15 million units, then the Vaz 2101 sold 14 million units, then the Premier 118, the SEAT 124, the Pirin-Fiat 124, the Murat 124, the Fiat-Kia 124, and Lada of Egypt sold units as well. Lada/Vaz of Russia still sells them today. The reason the Beetle gets the gold medal is that it's technically the same company producing the same design, but arguably the Fiat 124 is the most sold car in the world. 4-wheel disc brake, coil springs all around. RWD, twin cam engine, the Fiarakilavaz 124, a platform with a possible amount of unmeasurable fun. 0_14bc3_94846778_L

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  • grew up with those things, they are tanks

    • nametaken
  • That one on the bottom is just unbelievably sexy. As for potential, don’t forget the Lotus-tuned one-off that was on Top Gear.

    • Jay