More Sputnik. Mountain Goat Emerging.

I've played with the nuts and fiddly bits of NEARLY, every mechanical part, minus the gas tank. Almost all of it has been removed, swore at and reinstalled over the course of the last month. Today marking one full month since the build began on Sputnik. Almost every bolt molested in someway, I do remember being aware of ignoring the gas tank.  BUT THAT **** IS ABOUT TO CHANGE. Finished up most of the cooling system today by getting the oil cooler all sorted out, my customer BJ Twerkzzz coolant piper/bong adapters in place and plumbed. Installed the grill and corner light, bled the brakes, and scored some oem toyota Relays for the fuse box from the junkyard. LET'S FIERERERER THIS BITCH UP. Verrrooom, pow, bang, pop. Said the onomatopoeia as the motor crunched to life. A lack luster performance, masked by impressively obnoxious fire dragon's breath from the exhaust manifold, masked the glushing sound of the fuel making a brave escape from the fuel tank. Setbacks suck. Thought we were nearly done. ****.  

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