Naked and Angry!

Zombi made an appearance at it's very first drift event this past Good Friday. I was happy with the 4ac open diff hilarity. I put it back to sleep Friday night and didn't take a look at it again until Monday, like an hour ago. Oh, how so much can change in so little time. Sometime Saturday or Sunday some douchebags thought it would be funny to go into my car, steal the remainder of our Speed Hero stickers, some vintage Bole sunglasses (Quinn is seriously choked). They also took my aftermarket rearview mirror (not a big deal). The greatest personal losses to me though were the windshield decals I carried from Japan myself and the New Orleans Voodoo doll hanging from the rearview mirror (brought for me from New Orleans by the one and only Discoquinn). These were worth nothing to anyone but me and are worth the world to me. I appreciate my ownership and license plate being left but their willingness to destroy other peoples stuff including stripping stickers off the exterior of my car for no other reason then because they can upsets me. If you see someone with any of the mentioned items (handing out Speed Hero decals maybe lol). Please let us know. If they happen to find there way here, I know the stickers are destroyed but I'd appreciate the Voodoo doll appearing at some point. Keep your eyes peeled for NEW, IMPROVED Speed Hero decals.

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  • fuck thieves piss me off.

    • Darryl
  • I’d love a speed hero sticker when you get some new ones. Is there any way I could pay with paypal?

    • Anonymous
  • WTF!!! People with nothing else better to do with their lives!!

    • Joe
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  • fuckfaces

    • dug