Nature. Now with Plenty of Parking.

An anonymous wise man once said "fuck ass put shit up yams!" So here we are. This type of session isn't for the faint of heart. It's also not for anyone with awesome ride height and stance. Admission only requires reckless abandon and a willingness to sacrifice your underbody. After a failed attempt earlier in the week, it was time for the Rollas to suffer.

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  • There are definitely more pics to come. Also, the “wise man” was more than likely a wise woman.

    • zombievrobot
  • let me know when and were I’d like to ball.

    • coldstar
  • Sooo good.

    • Warren (not UK)
  • Now this is a place I want to learn to drift, no walls!

    • JordanP
  • Not yet lol It’s pretty far removed from civilization.

    • zombievrobot