NIRA Import Drag Racing

A game I've talked about many times before in previous posts, Aaron found me all the files again. used to exist as a free source for the game with tons of addon cars, tournaments and a strong community. After an attack from hackers the site never recovered and for a while the files were lost for ever. What's the Appeal you ask? The game was a low graghic, high simulation. A game that made a massive impact was Nascar racing, a DOS game from Papyrus. One of the first full simulation 3D racing games ever, was well received and extremely fun to play. Though to todays standards, not a true simulation, it was the closest you could get, and the damage was amazing! In a similar fashion along came NIRA, the import drag scene was flaring up and someone recognized it. The weird thing was, it was a full simulator. Everything was fully editable, the physics were real, it was easy to interact with, and most importantly, it had a full copy of Desktop Dyno 2000 built right into the game. Desktop Dyno 2000 was a engine building simulation software, designed to recreate real engines and their dyno charts from scratch on your computer. Pre-calculating very accurate and realistic numbers. Nitrous, superchargers, turbos and more were included, and custom motors from 1 cylinder to 16 were fully configurable. So, here for you now, is the full game with the rare original addon download cars! Thanks NeedsMoreSpeakers!!!! Feel free to add it to your favorite torrent site, since I have no clue. Click here for game Torrent!  

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  • can anyone please find a link for this

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  • No seeders! Needs more seeders!

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