Octobering the track

Capital City Drift's October practice happened. In this post there is proof, both of people existing in the same place and time, but also the fact that I didn't get to drive.  We had some new faces out at the track, it was great, even better was seeing some new chassis's come give a hand at sliding. It was an interesting day, personally a bad one for me, some sharing this feeling, but for most it was a good long day of drifting. The morning started out with a cool October breeze and by the middle of it, the t-shirts were showing. An interesting thing about Western Speedway is the fact the track shares it's course with that of a motocross track, this provided some interesting back drops and one very interesting confrontation. Sharing an entrance into the two tracks, by the time drifters began arriving, the motorcross crowd had setup pits on the oval track. This was a small conflict, with them moved drifting began. A while back I was driving through a parking lot, a woman waved her arms furiously at me, screaming something about how I was endangering her kids who were darting in and out between parked cars. She and her fellow mom's were conversing in the middle of a traffic lane. I remember being a kid, and not understanding the risks of mindless play no matter the location, but now as an adult??? I also understand the stupidity of some parents. Dan was entering the Corner 1/2, a medium sized 3rd gear corner which is close to the shared entrance to the track. He remained on the oval track, however a concerned parent stood in his way, screaming screeching at Dan and how the loose children playing at the edge of the track were in peril due to this spin. This was eventually solved when the motocross organizer came to Dan's aid by telling the concerned parent to keep his kids off the track we had rented. Cars were smushed,  the deadly curb ate many a 240sx lower control arms. As usual, there was enough people and parts around to get everyone home.  All in all, a glossy day in my memory, with train drifts supplied from the ever ballsy Vancouver crew, and some interesting Mustang drifts provided by an off season stunt driver. Feel free to save the photos, if anyone asks, point them over to the site! :) I think I spent more time editing these than taking them! [gallery columns="2"]

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