OddBalls: UnJeeps

I figured I'd post up some pretty pictures for you to look at of some..what I call...unjeeps. Screw you if you think your getting any information on these rides. Note: there was apparently a mini-truck racing series in the late 80's! And for good measure, apparently Ebisu is a Jeep supporter as well.

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  • Hey DQ!

    Un-Jeeps are big in the Philippines since they practically home-built a lot of them.

    Here are some youtube examples.

    It looks like a jeep, but by the dimensions, it’s probably more like the size of a Mini MOke.

    Same jeep, better quality, but tighter, and lamer course.

    SR20 powered one, still incomplete, but running.

    • randedge
  • LOL look at the first jeep’s rear tires….

    • nelu