Out of Sight, out of Mind

So it's 1982, you and your cocaine disco mistress have bought a second home on your pyramid scheme money making skills and Florida is looking to party with you every night. But, the budget is tight and you don't want the second love of your life to cash in on o your fortunes by having a back seat for illegitimate children. What do you buy? A Ford EXP of course. 1983 Ford EXP-02-03 Here's a car that had no reason to exist. A 2 seater, FWD affordable sports car, that looked like a Mustang with the performance of an Escort. As handsome as it be, I still don't know why the car really was produced. ford_explorer-pic-1652418070655664629   It's almost as if the Ford of Argentina or Brazil came up with one of their own variations of the escort, as the XR3 of that era was extreme popular in South America. SA being the continent known for it's rebodied cars due to local assembly laws, many vehicles were restyled and assembled locally in order to be legal for sale. The EXP has a reminiscing vibe of the South American Ford Corcel or Del Rey coupes. Why am I hyped? I stumbled across some informationless pictures of a ASC Mclaren version! Dope.   272   Why am I hyped? ASC McClaren built some of my favorite mustang and capri variations of the day. I had no idea they also did a few EXPs. I wish I had info to what was done. This was a photo saved from the for sale ad on Craigslist. Please, if your going to post a craigslist of a rare car, save the info in the forum post too! The ads expire quickly. Here's some more EXP photos for no raisins. photo   1983 Ford EXP-08-09

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