Outlets 3: Radio waves

Flying through the air is little bits of radio frequency. You can't catch them with your hands, so don't even try, you'll look foolish. However, for some they are a tool of their outlet: R/C cars. R/C cars is just as diverse as the real thing. People seem to find outlets in R/C forwhat ever their favorite automotive passion might be. From Rock Crawling... ...To Bosozoku and everything in between. Drifting, just like in 1:1 cars, is a very popular form of motorsport. Although more of an expressive fun task, it's still very competitive even on the 1:10 scale. However, the element of drift lifestyle is far from scaled down when it comes to R/C's. It's funny, you can either put yourself into the shoes of your favorite pro driver, or just live out that fantasy of the perfect car for yourself. It's interesting the level of interest some of these people have as they will far exceed the costs of owning and racing a real car, by diving deeper into their outlet as it becomes a full blown obsession or passion. It's curious to wonder if the outlet is actually more fun than the real thing, or that it offers just that something different, whether it be the social aspect, or the time invested. Popular trends and culture of the 1:1 activity flow over instantly into these outlets as well. Body styles and modifications for the 1:10 reflect that of it's bigger brother. And Some people are just completely lost in it, which can be a great thing.

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  • Those cars are so low to the ground… How do they go over speed bumps?

    • Auto Transport Services
  • ive been into RC my whole life.

    Got out of it years ago, but recently got back in…

    Got a Rock crawler, and a couple Short course trucks, and soon a new drift car.

    Where do you get all these baller bodies, and low offset wheels.

    • dug