Prallytype PX33....yes!

So, hey...I want a rally car, you know, to run across the desert. I love the Paris Dakar and since people are building 2CV's I've got to be just a bit more obscure. So the Japanese, they had cool war time vehicles too apparently. the PX33 pictured above was a prototype for military use only, 4x4, a project that lasted from 1934 till 1937. But owning one just isn't enough. Browsing through looking at all the various piles of rally cars the europeans have at their finger tips, I came across a rally car that just didn't fit. Who builds a rally car based on a Japanese prototype vehicle? Radical! These guys do!

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  • Hi There,

    I am the guy on the picture and am still racing with the PX33. As a matter of fact, it is the very same that Hugo is talking about.

    If any of you is interested in more details about this car, I’m more than happy to share.

    I would love to able to see the video that Hugo is talking about. There isn’t a lot of documentation left of this car.

    I put it on the market to enable my own Dakar plans and although it would be great to participate with the PX33, that won’t work. Too much would have to be changed to comply with all the current rules and it seriously ruin the cars originality. So if anyone is seriously interested in the PX33, please let me know. There is one condition though, the new owner has to keep the car as much as possible in it’s original state, or preferbly restore it completely to the wat it was back in 1989.

    • bert
  • there was a Mitsubishi PX33 in Paris-Moscow-Beijing back in ’92, it was driven by Etienne Smulevici, everybody seemed to laugh at his old vehicle, I just thought it was awesome to still go to beijing in an old car with the conditions they had. I still have the tape, grew up listening to this tape, ans still watching this, I really think it made a big impact on my childhood and what kept me in the cars direction.

    • Hugo