Random Japan Thing

I picked this information pamphlet up in Japan last year while visiting Mega Web The Crown Comfort is a model found all over Japan and used almost exclusively as taxi cabs. Thought some folks would enjoy the pics and information. Enjoy

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  • ohhh, perhaps, I’ll look closer. There is a Crown Comfort in the D1. Anyways, here’s some more nissan crew pictures




    • discoquinn
  • Isn’t that a Nissan Crew drifting in the video Quinn? At the beginning of the clip of the car it shows the chassis code at the top and HK30 is a Nissan Crew. It was the competitor of the toyota comfort. Both used as taxis.

    • JordanP
  • Check out the red crown comfort drifting in this video. Not much bigger than an AE86.


    • discoquinn
  • Damn, I want one now

    • vadim
  • Make cool taxi’s!!!

    • bkh808