SHDP, Day 8, Nov 4th

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Hate me all you want, but I love the visual intentions of the Mercury Sable. Hate me all you want, but I love the visual intentions of the Mercury Sable.[/caption] Although execution of the idea was brutal. Often the accountants have a huge affect on the final look of a car, the intended look of the Sable was desirable. I'm hoping to focus these posts a bit more on appreciation and observation of style. I hate to start off with a favorite, but wrap around lights, and glass are a unstoppable fetish of mine when it comes to transportation design. The exchange of light both out and into a vehicle is peak point of excitement to me, when considering design. So many focus on the refraction of light in the shape of the panels. This is great for external observation of the car, but terrible to operate. Cars like this Sable were designed to see where you're going, project light from it, and have it refracted from objects back to you, to see and avoid hitting them. Love it. This video got me in the mood for Sables again. [embed][/embed] Autos of interest, has a ton of photos of the original concepts that highlights this initial intent of the light projection and consumption. You can clearly see the beauty in intent, versus the final product. Quite different, and slightly disappointing. Check out those concept photos here. Today's drawing.

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