Simple Shape

Boxes are a useful, long ago, someone realized that the square is something so simple and stackable. Cars, as much as terrible modern car commercials try to convince you, are not boxes, but rather much overly complex, hydro formed electrical magic wizard boxes. Before then, utilitarianism was far from fashionable. Pictured above is the Saab 92H. One of the very first "RVs". The 92H, like it's name implies, is based on the Saab 92 which was Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget's first production car. FWD and 25hp was barely enough to power the car let alone the 'caravan'. The 92H was actually a project built by Torsten Johansson and his son. Basically Torsten took a look at a Saabohusvagn and thought that having the car and the camper separate was a waste of time. The Citroen H Van. Simply put, much like it's boxiness, was a mash up of existing Citroen parts jammed together to make an affordable commercial box....vehicle. The H, or commonly known as the HY, was based on the ever so obscure Citroen TUB and TUC vans, which, much like our chicken and egg post was one of the very first Mini-vans to ever be produced, not only were the TUB and TUC FWD but they had rack and pinion steering way back in the late 30's, around the same time as the Stout Scarab. The HY was modeled to be cheap to produce and sturdy as the German Junkers. jeepers creepers van

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