Speed Hero-ing?

After the Celica Supra and before the S12 I got a wonderful gift, an FB RX7. :D Where did this project start? James and I had gotten a Damaged Welder from work, brand new in box, but the box had been damaged by water, and the welder was a little dented inside. No biggy. It sat around in my storage for months when I found an ad on Kijiji for an RX7 for $800. I offered the trade, and the guy was down. He wanted a $100 plus the welder for the rx7, I told him no, so he took the stereo out. lol RX7 acquired.  Purchase price: $Free First thing to go was the drivers seat. James and I had acquired a brand new, in bag, Sparco sprinter Jr for $90, god bless Kijiji. We met the guy in a dark parking lot in Mississauga at like 10 at night in the middle of winter for the seat. Sketchy, but that's how we roll. I installed it by drilling out the factory sliders, but since one didn't sit wide enough, I drill holes into the floor, and ran a threaded rod the length of the floor below the seat. Seems to work, and the original slider still works. I found the threaded rod. Project so far: $90 Total Next up was some paint. I had painted on some dripping blood on the head light cover, but my tape was really old and ironically the can of red paint that I had found at my mom's house was old as well and bled through the tape like mad. So I had to sand it down and try again. With my New Orleans voodoo doll added the headlight cover got it's signature paint. Project cost: $90 Total James used to work for a tint/decal shop, so we stopped by to see about getting some Speed Hero decals, after some good laughs a free decal was supplied for our big drift day! Thanks to Mark Bacon at Karrite, he's been more than helpful with speed hero decals. Out front was some red carpet for some reason, lol James installing the decal with his pro decal skillzzzz All done, time for some Pocari Sweat and Carbonated strawberry milk drink Project so far: $90 Total Next up was the first drift day. This is where the Ghetto really kicks in. It was a free drift day, because the track wanted to try drifting for the first time. Coincidentally enough, this was also James and I's first time sliding. Things went well, James was doing well, I was doing well too, it was good times. Rob Lee lent me his ae86 (I miss you Rob) and I slid it backwards into a tire, no damage, just scary! Next came the RX7 + wall. You'll notice that I moved the Barrier back. I tried drifting a banked half mile turn with a 90 HP '85 RX7. No good. :D Project so far: $90 + Free dents Kyle who was at the track that day, knew there was a farm on one of the side roads where some RX7's were. He didn't know what road or the address. So with the car all bent to ****, we decided to drive these roads looking for these RX7's. Frustrated and lost, the group of us: James, Aaron Lee, Rob Lee, Brent, and myself, decided to stop to figure **** out. Low and behold behind us was a half constructed house with a torn down barn and a wack load of cars sitting in the field. We approached this lot only to find an old man cutting some hedges. He said his son owned the property, and while taking down our license plates he called his son. While we waited we browsed the gallery of cars. MK2 Supra, 70's Hilux pickup, Zenki GT-S, N/A AW11 MR2, 4-runner, and two FB RX7's. The owner finally showed up, and told us we could take the parts from the car to help get us home, for free! After 5 hours in the sand and rain, (Thank you Brent and everyone!), with some pizza and pop in the mix. The rx7 was back on the road, still wobbly from the bent rear axle, we had a new lower control arm on the front and some new rims! The new rims were amazing, Two gold mesh wheels that weren't bent! Sadly, They turned out to be the demise of all the effort. As the tires were so old that driving into London they shredded into bits. We stopped to install my spare tire, which turned out not to hold air, while the key to the car was lost in the mud on the side of the highway. Once we reached London, we stopped at a gas station for the night, frustrated, tired and wet, Rob Lee drove me home, and then scooted off to work. I love you Rob! Adding to the frustration I had left my keys and wallet in the car over night. A member from the local Rx7 club went over and managed to unlock the car with his keys, and get that stuff out. I forget his name, but thank you Evil Seven! Project so far: $90 + Dents + rims The next night I borrowed a broken car dolly and Brents broken truck (ABS/Braking system was acting up) having never dollied a car home before. On my way in the dark to pick Aaron up from Woodstock, I watched someone get rear ended, crazy good smack! Aaron and I toiled to get the car on the dolly, which then fell off Twice on the way home! Eventually I returned Aaron to his home and got the truck and car onto the 401 where I returned safely home (having to stop every once in a while to put air in the trailer tires with a lighter powered air compressor) lol The car sat in the Garage for a while untill I figured out how to repair it. I pulled the axle out and found a nice GSL-SE axle. James bought it for $150, and I worked my ass off learning how to install it in my Garage apartment with just a Motomaster socket set. lol I had to hammer some of the lower control arm mounting area on the sub frame back into place to get the lower control arm to bolt back up. Project so far: $240 + Dents + rims While I had the car apart, I fixed the front brakes, and installed a second seat. A zenki 240sx passenger seat, donated by a fBrendan who has a 240 junkyard at his house.lol Note my seats have a bit of a ghetto lean, so when you sit all cocked with your hand on the top of the steering wheel the ladies know you mean bidnasty. Just a bit of a recap, The car now sat with 4x110mm front hubs, and 4x114.3mm rear axle, two bolt patterns! A dented to **** right side of the car which a crushed rocker panel. The door needs to be slammed. a 300,000km 12A motor that had never been rebuilt before; two forced in seats, random free old rims with random tires on them, and a transmission that whines like a mad man. However, the rear calipers haden't been worked on in some time and were actually seized, while installing new bleeders Brent broke one off and proceeded to drill it out with a much to large drill bit, plus my hardlines on the axle were rotted. So I drove a few weeks with no brakes. :D Back on the road with all it's glory Project so far: $250 + dents + rims ($10 for bleeders) At work my boss helped me install some new hardlines, and install my double sway bar mod, the hardlines were free, as was the caliper 'refresh', plus got some fresh diff fluid in the carrier. The left over bent sway bar from the previous wall accident was used along with some $16 U-clamps to double up the rear sway bar for more oversteer. The new axle was from a different model of RX7 and was wider by 2" as well as had a different gearing than the original, so the car understeered a bit more, this was an easy way to correct the problem. While at work, one of the other units in the building was being cleared, it turned out that the provious tennants had a grow op in the unit and it needed to be tore down. Being a straight edge asshole I was down for smashing that **** up. During the process I scored a free computer (the cops took the hard drive) and some rolls of chrome wall coverings used to help reflect light. I used these to make some decals for the car and attached them with fabric glue! Project so far: $265 + Dents + rims + Free homemade Decals Phil, my boss at Adrenaline motorsports then sponsored me to go out to the last CSCS drift day with my crew 'Speed Hero' (Hot Kids.lol) We had an epic drive; James volenteered to drive there as I was tired and would be drifting in the competition. On the way a soft shoulder gobbled us up, but some nice passing motorists in a prelude decided to yank the e-brake and do a 180 to come help us out. WACKY. I got 4 practice runs in before qualifying was to start, and 10 minutes before qualifying the rx7 died! I had no idea what happened. Brent lent me his Celica and I proceeded to understeer the course into failure. SAD! The rest of speed hero I called Jover, and he had a friend at the track who let me use his CAA card to get home! Not only did the CAA dude rule, but he was okay with me not being the card holder, and the fact the car was in front of a race track! amazing! I love you Jover and Conky! Project so far: $265 + Dents + Rims + Free tow home from Haldimand to Kitchener + free home made decals After some ****ing around, and de-flooding, the car ran fine! And has been running awesome since (minus the melting battery cables from a failed starter, I have a transport truck battery so the Starter Failed "ON" and kept drawing 950 cold cranking amps. $20 starter later and it's all good!) Truck battery

So now we come up to most recently, and we've been having a blast with winter sliding. The project for summer drift has really been under $300, minus the $54/month insurance and the gas to power the car. This includes the entry fees to TWO drift events, and plenty of other fun time sliding. This is the true meaning of Boro, this car is held together with fiberglass, and love. I used USED oil from the drum at work to save money as this car burns it off, since it's basically a two-stroke. The brakes are warped and held together with zip ties. The seats are bent and barely bolted in, the reciprocating ball steering is worn to ****. I've never flushed the rad or the transmission. The car just gets the **** beat out of it daily. Hope everyone understands what Boro really is now. :D I must thank all my friends: -James Goldie (Abominus) -Scradley -Brent -Aaaron Lee -Jover -Conky -Rob Lee -Andrew Glutek -Mark Takahashi -Paula! -Phil -Mom -Everyone! Thanks for reading my thread, here is some extra and current content.

Choose your own adventure! -More about the rx7. -Corolla Continuation.

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