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Welcome to the future of Speed Hero, as we make our first steps to becoming a legitimate business. Addicted to cars and their culture with a strong Japanese influence, the Speed Hero wheel is designed FTPeople. SHR1 15" diameter, 8" wide. The Speed Hero wheel utilizes a 2 piece construction, with a black face plate featuring machined finish accents, and a Chrome outer hoop. Offset is 'reversible', meaning the rim and face plate can be separated to allow for +25mm offset, or 0mm offset! Dual Pattern, with both 4x100mm, and 4x114.3mm bolt holes, allows GREAT fitment on a majority of 4 lug FWD and RWD cars! We are now taking pre-purchases as a type of 'Group Buy' process to get this venture rolling. If your interested in further information, feel free to email me at DiscoQuinn@gmail.com

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  • Those are pretty dope, man. I saw your post on JNC.

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