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Crawling through the mountainous waves of trash at my mom's house came revealed a box, near the top, of Quinn things. One of many I'm sure. However, upon opening, There was much art work. Not pictured are my coveralls drenched in sewn on racing patches, a missed opportunity I'm sure. However, these pictures provide photographic evidence of my early obsessions. A small dive into the 4 to 6 year old mind of little Quinn. 2013-07-02 22.37.05 A brief snap of the plethora of car drawings that consumed pencils in length.  Even back then I had an appreciation for a wide variety of cars and motorsports. For some reason, a Dog. I'm not a dog guy, but I do remember liking the RCA logo. 2013-07-02 22.12.55 BMX has always been a passion of mine, even from a young age. People often ask me "When did you start riding bmx?" I usually reply since I was 15, but the real answer is since I was 6, I've never been without one since then. 2013-07-02 22.18.23 Simpsons is a religion. I was luckily enough to be at the right age that I grew up with the show. I'm impressed with my scissor skills. I moved on to being good with an Angle grinder. REALGOOD. 2013-07-02 22.18.44   Cats are dope. 2013-07-02 22.21.14     Sega Genesis and I had a very good relationship. Sonic and I are Bros, KNOW YOUR ENEMY. robotneck. 2013-07-02 22.23.52   It's been 29 years, I still sleep with that bear. Ladies be jelly. 2013-07-02 22.25.08   Who didn't? Really. 2013-07-02 22.25.18   There we go. See, I knew then, and I still do. Some people are born gay, I was born RACECAR. 2013-07-02 22.29.42   Dinky cars are sweet. More bus driving fantasies, maybe I should look into that. 2013-07-02 22.34.08   Hype. I've always been good at bikes. LETS GO RIDE BIKES. 2013-07-02 22.36.13   Just a few scribbles I pulled from the box. Motorcycles, race cars, and service vehicles. I haven't changed. 2013-07-02 22.36.28   I bet this split window is worth a fortune now. FOR SALE $100,000. 2013-07-02 22.38.29   4 year old Quinn wanted a Ferarri, and for my Family, a Racing Car. Don't worry, my taste improves.   2013-07-02 22.39.13   If you look closely, you can find Louvers. Louvers are awesome, and I'll admit, a little bit inspector gadget inspired. 2013-07-02 22.43.51   Bet you didn't know 5 year old Quinn was in a Rock band with his mom and teddy bear, named 'The Dragster Kids" I can only assume we played Rockabilly. I sang lead. THAT'S A FUCKING KEYBOARD. 2013-07-02 22.45.06   My, that was a thrilling tale. Only memory I brought back from space apparently. 2013-07-02 22.46.32   By 5 years old I was into trucks. DEAL 2013-07-02 22.48.17   Remember when I said my taste in cars would mature? Weened myself from the childish love for Ferrari, horrible cars really. I see a blower with rocker pipes (looks to be V8), pickup, carrying my motorcycle. 2013-07-02 22.51.49   YO. I got a NES... V6, street racing, chicken scratch. 2013-07-02 22.53.26   Still reppin the BMX lifestyle. 2013-07-02 22.56.03More Toyota love. Did you know at that age? 2013-07-02 22.56.08   More scooped out Toyotas. Sick. Thanks for ruining your eyes with my chilish scribbles.  

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  • Notice you felt SO-SO… why not good…?

    Stay golden pony boy.

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