Super Donkey Kong Meet in BrappppBrapppp

Thanks to both Mike (micro214_KP61) and Andrew (SoullessVessel) from Dorikaze for the awesome photos! Was a great night of silly parking, random people and wild tales, some of them very tall! Rob and Nitin couldn't seem to co-ordinate and get their cars parked! Back that assss up. Fairly nice MK3, good dude owned this. We exchanged stories of our visits to Japan. Phil brought out one of the MK4's. I would never own one as someone just sits in your blind spot waiting to race.....let me fucking change lanes you asshat! Nitin had trouble parking all night, I wonder if things would've been different had the line at McDink's been shorter..... Soooo many Supras!

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  • Those pictures came out really, really nice would be nice to see the other ones that Andrew took.

    • Chris Ramnath (Black MK3)