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Finale Final Fin...Until Next Season

Last chance folks, we will find out who takes all the marbles and whose car lives to face another season.

B.C. Day Coast Drift - The Reckoning

My car, as you can see from pictures in previous posts, is in disrepair. It will not always be this way, but it is right now. What this means is that when I couldn't arrange a ride out to Western Speedway for the big Coast Drift event I decided "How far could it be?" It's really fucking far. Pretty nice walk though. I walked for about an hour into Langford before stopping for a drink. Hydrated (or at least caffeinated) I continued on my way. Within about 5...

B.C. Day - Coast Drift at Western Speedway

It's late. I'm tired and have a face that feels like the sun's surface. Tonight, you get a teaser, that's all. Real post tomorrow. Don't miss it. !!!