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Slippery when wet, screamy when dry? Ewww...

Neptune Drift has dropped another serious video covering DMCC round 4 in Edmonton.


Driftmania followed a deep driftdepression

My jaunt to DMCC at Western Speedway started much like the rest of the drift events, at the crack of dawn walking a ridiculous distance. What the hell kind of word is jaunt? The big disappointment of the day was not seeing the Toyo/Cannonball R34 run. Apparently it blew an oil pump and was under heavy repair the rest of the event. Read the article

Dorikaze and DMCC, weekend of champions!

As a prelude to the DMCC West event on Saturday, the Vancouver Island Dorikaze community decided to meet up. It was a great collection of enthusiasts and the turnout was pretty spectacular. Mmmmmm...blacktop The usual suspects. Pandacoupes weapon on the left. Read the article

Fill er`up!

At this point I`m ready to ziptie some flares on and pretend the rust doesn`t actually exist. That being said, bodywork is messy fun. Where it was... Ewwwwww.... Where it is... There`s still some sanding to do but I`m just about ready to prime the bad side of this car. The drivers side has some rust but it`s all minor and easy to fix, potentially no filler lol. Once the passenger side is done, I`m laughing. Then all that needs to be done...