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Mt. Cotten Hill Climb

Robbie and I have been friends online for early 10 years now, so when I showed up in his living room finally it was no surprise that he was motivated to help with the videos! He shot lots of photos as well, as the event was rad. 69196_10151526190855337_1884854500_n A rung what you brung type of event, held in a national park. Organized by thr MG Club of Brisbane. There was a wild selection of rides, from bone stock Toyota Corollas all the way up to Rotary powered formula 1...

Sooke ma Duke

I'm not going to lie. I miss posting here. I'll resolve that with a post, so here we go. If you see "zombievrobot" as the poster it's not Discoquinn. In celebration of a certain celebrities 26th birthday, an innocent unsuspecting car was obtained. The first(ish) generation RX7 boasted the unmurderable 12a and mediocre styling (by my account). First thing inevitably being first, style happened. Saturday was spent making some minor adjustments to the mechanics and major adjustments to the swag. The only mandate being, there...

Take it to the streets

Slowly, there is a group of people managing to make street drifting a legitimate culture. Europe has always had hill climb events available to the public since the early days of motorsport. 3 Guys come to mind when thinking about Hill climb Drifting: Yves Faber and his mustang, Marc Fluery and his E30 coupe and Pepe Juan Torres and his 635i. Click in for videos. Yves Faber

  Marc Fleury

  Pepe Juan Torres [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jL5IoxCzAWM&feature=related]

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