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Baby Benz and Friends

From Zee's to Bee's that end in Zee's. I enjoy finding new obscure and rare cars. Want another car that doesn't have a wiki page? The Mercedes Benz 190e 2.6 Compact. More pictures below! The 190e 2.6 Compact was apparently built by Schultz Tuning, a company I just cannot find any information...

Out in the Streets, they call it Murder

Welcome to Jamrock. A European heavy edition of my horrible DOTS copying. Downtown/China Town Victoria is Euro heavy from Classic BMW's, to Vintage Volvo's. Seems to be the hip thing to do on the western side of Douglas street with many European specialty repair shops located all very close to each other. Hey, that van is part of an ancient European candy giving tribe. Never fear, someone cruises by in an old van and offers you a chocolate bar to get in? They are just friendly and practicing...

Ahead of the curve

So, ALONG time ago, I posted up some European diesel drifting, and no one really paid attention, then someone does it in a wagon and it's the new hype. Wagons obviously rock. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24afjVqm2Uw]

Birthday Hike.

First of all, I hate my birthday, but it's still nice to know people love me. :) I had been feeling very down the last little while, even before, during and after the DK meet. Robin got me motivated enough to get out of the house, and along with all the nice birthday wishes, I felt pretty decent yesterday. We took a hike up to Elk lake with some decent Chinese food along the way. Brining the camera I couldn't help but shoot pictures of the few cars along our way, sadly the camera just isn't quick enough to catch...


Diesel Drifting at it's best!