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Watch out for the Pothole.

We now have the first Capital Drift even under our collective belts. There were a couple of cuts, bruises and battle scars but everyone was able to roll home with some entertaining stories to tell. The turn out was immense, a lot of new faces and a decent variety of fodder. 2010 will be a killer season for Capital Drift. The full post is on it's way. Check back often.

It's Toilet Time for Toyota Town

After a game of car meet roulette, the first Dorikaze meet of 2010 fell into place. It was good to see Capital D Mike back in his FD. After backing it into the wall at Western it looked like it's drift days were numbered. There's still some work to be done but it should be track ready for the January 17th practice. Jmin's pimp Cressy made a showing but Warren Foster's 86 was noticeably missing, it was in the middle of it's Million Dollar Man impression...