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SHDP, Day 3, Oct 28th

Today's Journey started in a strange place. I woke up thinking about Nissan Micra's. The image above caught my eye over all the others. It was the weird door trim. I had never seen that before on a K11 Micra, so I decided to chase the trail. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"] The trim seems to appear only on UK/Euro versions of the K11 Micra. Almost Coca-cola like.[/caption] Inevitably we always seem to run into the Nissan March Super Turbo. A K10 chassis...

Burnt Toast

Engine fires are a matter for the courts! Toaster vans existed in North America at some point, and to be honest so few noticed. Victoria is littered with old Toyota Vans. Maybe that was the problem; names. The Toyota Van was literally the name they were sold under, Van was uncreative but a utilitarian approach the Japanese companies took to tell North Americans they were making mini-vans long before the Caravan....wait, there's more? The fact is Toyota was not alone on this venture into cheap people movers,...

Baby Zee

My love for African car culture continues to grow. Just a small tidbit, but apparently South Africa specifically received the 140z and 160z! Based on the Datsun Sunny, these were the affordable African alternative to the famous 240z. Featuring L14 and L16 motors and some interesting alternate styling. It's so obscure there apparently isn't even a wiki page for them. Go figure, thanks to this Random CarDomain page.

Local Speed Heros: Dan

Legend has it, that when he came from Prince Edwards private island, that he brought the curse of the crab with him. Although legend also has it that he does not taste good with butter...something something potatoes. If Dan is the book I think I'm reading, then I really can't place a stereotype on his personality. I guess it's much like his car: Ratsun. The parallels are strikingly similar. Endless amounts of innocent inside jokes, and it takes a person who's got the right attitude about life to really get it,...

The Continues

I realized I hadn't done a follow up to "The Beginnings", so here's a small catch up to current. I'm not living in a trailer on the side of a mountain about 15 minutes North of Victoria, British Columbia, and there has been a fair number of cars since getting here! But we'll pick up where we left off in the beginnings post. Treat this as part 2, if you haven't read #1, click the link above first. The next car was an 1985 FB RX7 GSL. There's a big story and write up with it: HERE.