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Kohei Nakamura

Adrian Smith has outdone himself once again with more drift footage, this time setting his sights on Koko Nakamura. He's making sure people know what drift is about on the west coast.

Favorite, share, comment motherfuckers! Watch for Kohei Nakamura, Chris Scremin, Trent Stromkins and Pete Schroeder as they up their game in the next couple of months. Werd.

The Capital D Climax

Capital D molested Western Speedway once again for the final event of the season. S13's were assaulted, hachi rokus were slapped like insolent children. There were fairys, pirates and a banana involved as well as all the extras from the Breakfast Club. Nakamura looking to bury his treasure. All the usual suspects were in attendance. The triumvirate of power...

Capital Drift round 5

000_0016 I was able to grab a handful of pics before my camera went the way of the buffalo. Western took it's toll August 28 2009, eating a RHD FD and an S13. 000_0021 Tregear was there consistent and committed. His runs against Koziur were some of the evenings best. Just too much sarsaparilla kept this saloon spinning. It was nice to see a 1j rocking Cressy compete though.

For the love of drift.

Capital Drift round 5 is over and done with but was one of the most intense events so far. This will just be a prologue of the post to come. I didn't realize I could get as sick as I am right now. The battles between Matt Tregear and Grant "G penny" Koziur were intense and seeing the impeccable Duane Dickinson go door to door with G penny made it a night to remember. Pete Schroeder's car got a face life thanks to the folks at OZ Designs and looked spectacular. Keep an eye on the OZ Designs/Neptune D folks,...

Driftmania followed a deep driftdepression

My jaunt to DMCC at Western Speedway started much like the rest of the drift events, at the crack of dawn walking a ridiculous distance. What the hell kind of word is jaunt? The big disappointment of the day was not seeing the Toyo/Cannonball R34 run. Apparently it blew an oil pump and was under heavy repair the rest of the event. Read the article