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Neon Dreams

Joel from Platform Garage asked me to whip up an rFactor skin for him.

We got out of the house!

Matt, Joel and I got out of the house and wandered around Victoria. Joel and I followed Matt in his 1UZ-FE powered corolla down to the Oak Bay Marina to do some sight seeing, followed by a visit to Kuma Noodles for some cheap and authentic Ramen. We finished the evening off with some Flatland and revscene. Was a rad night. You can find more of Joel's Daily Vlog on his Channel Platform Garage Films.


Boner Jam Part 2: More Asbestos!

Photo dump to follow up Discoquinn's Boner Jams post. There will be some more pics, I ran into a bit of a computer issue that slowed the entire process down. [gallery] If any of the drivers are interested, large format prints can be made from any of these images for a small large fee.

Boner Jam

This has nothing to do with erections. Don't even think about them when reading this. Boner is usually associated with Penis's, but it's actually a synonym for blunder, or error. In a way this association was crudely acute to an other wise very fun and successful drifting event.  Honesty first, the jam was great, good layout, very casual and some really good driving. A decent turnout for what I expected would show on a Wednesday morning. The first boner I noticed was the good flow of drivers onto the track, this was...

Boner Jamz

Dude's over at Platform Garage are havin' a sweet drift jamberoo. Come slide!