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SpeedHero does the UK.

SpeedHero does the UK.

First off, I didn't see Big Ben, the London Bridge, though I did catch a glimpse of the Royal Palace from the plane. My time was spent working with Andy, the owner of Learn2Drift UK.

Two and half weeks, this was the time I would spend with the team at L2D. Located near Milton Keynes, about an hour North of London. It seems so far that many drift schools are different, in the way they function and for what clients they cater. The commonality of these schools, isn't their approach but their desire to...

Overly Eventfully Uneventful?

Ever have to write an article about a place you've never been to, about events you've never seen? Here I am, doing that. Much like grandpa Simpsons knowledge of the war, my knowledge of the Cell Block D seems to be sugar packets of information from word of mouth. That's right. My impression is of this: Purple is heavy, and alcohol is blood deep. Drift Unions' big Vancouver video premiere was as best as I can tell, a social magnet, but how do they fucking work? The...

More BJ

Here's a Sweet video from Jason Debruyn, a man toying with the inevitable fate of an S14. Featuring two Nicks, a pete, a Rasta, some foster and some Queer at the end.

You can also catch a few more JD vids featuring himself, and Warren from the last Boner Jamberoo.


(4:23:48 PM) Hashiriya: all s14s crash. always. right? (4:24:07 PM) Hashiriya: so, would I have better odds of not crashing an s14 if it has already crashed at some point prior in time? (4:24:43 PM) Quinn: hmm, the simple answer is...

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