The Beginnings of something renewed.

Working hard, slaving away making someone else's dream a reality is a constant reminder I have my own. I like cars, just a whole heck of a lot. Stashing cash like a squirrel with nuts, hogging away washing cars like a kid saving for summer camp, I managed to scrape enough together to buy a Lexus.  A big boat of a car, 1UZFE powered SC400, it was a hope of an upgrade in social status. The plans? To build a 'Big Corolla'. The idea was simple: Keep the wheels small, wide and stretched. Paint the bumpers black, body off white. Pay homage to my two favorite drift cars: Ueo's early pre-D1 ae86, and the old D1 sunrise Levin coupe. A bit of a mash up of cues from the two, a welded diff and some cut springs.  The problem was, the car was big, REAL BIG. Heavy at 3600lbs. It spent some time sleeping in the driveway, I fiddled a bit, drove it around and it never felt quite right. Too much power, and too much weight. A tromp on the pedal led to wheel spin, but little motion. When it was moving, the feeling of changing directions was so cumbersome. It then dawned on me at work that I needed a constant supply of 17" tires and wheels to be able to go play at the track, a feat too baller for my tastes. It had to go. Dylan Sharpe from Ontario popped his head into town for some odd reason and mentioned a car down the street from him. After checking it out it was mine. Revived: My enthusiasm re-excited once again over a $200 1976 Toyota Corona Mark 2. This MX13 only has 59,000 original miles! Though it's a bit beat up, it's the start to a great summer cruiser. Now if I could only get an MA60 to drift for February! The revival? People seem to like Speed Hero. I have very little idea why, though I assume it was my passion for cars. I'd like to continue sharing that passion. Let's see where this little website can take me, as I'm quite tired of making some rich persons dreams a reality for them.

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  • i had no idea you picked this beaut up for $200! why are all the nice cheap cars on the island :(

    • do-boy
  • So good, keep posting

    • Thomasdd
  • fuck yeah

    • Dylan Sharpe
  • Still have that MX13?

    • Matches