The Progress. An idea

It's been an idea of mine for a while to go to school. This idea is fought with great hurdles that at this point in my life I'm unable to overcome. I was looking at this goal and realizing that the school is just a path of a bigger journey. The destination is to become a paid automotive designer. There are other paths to get there. I'm curious if I'm able to facilitate my own learning path towards automotive designer. -Drawing skill -Research and knowledge of the function of the automobile and it's history. -Rendering skill -Presentation skill. By practicing each and every day, I can make progress to improving my skills. The issue lays initially that I need a schedule or routine towards progress. Progress being noted by the accuracy of translation from mind to paper. Creating progressive ideas and being able to communicate them to others in a clear way. Different mediums and tools need to be conquered and competent so that ideas and flow quickly and clearly. It's hard work, with vague definition. A quick rough draft of daily activities are as follows. 1-hour of daily research blog post. -45 minutes of research of any automotive topic -15 minutes to post it. 15-30 minutes of daily drawing time. -pen and paper, expressing ideas and making mistakes. Chasing shape and form 1-hour of daily major project. -Working on a project from beginning to finish -Exploring shape, but more importantly, the conceptualization process. Design is a journey. -Drawing -Modeling -Rendering -Posting progress is important. By keeping my progress documented, I am able to see where I began, to compare with the present. Also, I am able to share and be rated on my journey by other professionals. -Post inspiration -Post any extra design work, no matter the field or medium. -Generate some funds through soft goods sales. My dreams are to make progress and get recognized for the progress. To document the process of self instruction.

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