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Total eclipse of the h...OH MY GOD, MY CAR!

I had to photograph this one for posterity. This is legitimately hilarious. Make sure you take it all in. The giant wing, the razor sharp aerodynamic fins. The stickers were my favorite with every aftermarket company represented from Ractive to Mooneyes. The high points for me were the ``Kills`` on the doors which really compliment the flames. Not pictured is the large Battle Version sticker on the trunk which really cement the very apparent fact that this heap is 100% stock. I don`t understand it. Someone explain it to me. Happy Saturday.


  • Needs More Speakers

    BattleVersion? Like Alex P BattleVersion?

  • Jay

    Wow, welcome to 1998! I remember back when that look would have gotten you laid, instantly, right there on that monster rear wing. Hell you can probably still see the cheekprints.

    To bad it would have also gotten you 25 years for statutory. Can’t win ’em all.

  • discoquinn

    Best comment ever.

  • delainywilano

    Yes, You are absolutely right? but sometime its not happens. If you have any other information about new cars then tell me. I am waiting your suggestion.

  • zombievrobot

    That would be the Battle Version.

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