Trolling Anal Pants I kinda mean that..... Troller Pantanal and the Troller T4 are variants of a vehicle I like. trollerpantanalvf0 I'm not quite sure I believe in evolution, simply because at some point along the way, this: 3876447833_090e4beb72_b Became this: 2005 Jeep(R) Hurricane Concept Vehicle You see it's simple and easy to follow. American Bantam, which used to be American Austin, made a prototype which won the praise of the American army. So they asked them to build as many as they could, but they couldn't build enough, so the Army just kinda said "yo Willies and Ford, think you can make this American Bantam design for us?" And they were all like, "Fuck yes". Crandall - Eugene the Jeep_1 Ford and Willis were making these utilitarian vehicles, and as wars ended they kept leaving these utility vehicles in all sorts of countries! Russia, Philippines, India, Japan, etc etc had this left over surplus of these light weight, low center of gravity all steel, 4WD's! What to do with them? Manila, Philippines. Other countries made good use of them, often making Taxi's or "Jeepney's" out of them. Lengthened chassis with a hard roof meant luxury haulin' for plenty of people and goods. In the US a different approach was taken though, CJ's were all the rage! cns-1008Reflect This is where the story of function and the story of form began different courses. In North America the Jeep settled down into it's new bed of straw and cotton. Hauling families to the beach and light duties on the farm. The rest of the world began to embrace this little 'truck' as a get the job done approach to transportation. 44_ford_jeep_large So, your pretty proud of that Jeep Commander. It's got the roots of a solid idea right? Pictured above is actually a Ford Jeep. Yes, you see, the Army was the owner of the design of the Jeep, although not the designer them selves, they only really hired Willies Overland and Ford to build the originals. Ford actually produced slightly more Jeeps than Willies did. The name "Jeep" was granted to Willies legally, although not actually the name of the original model of utility vehicle they were building. "Jeep" was merely a nickname, and it's origins only speculated in multiple variations. Img_5567 You see, the design was basically free range, and open, since the American Army ditched so many of these useful vehicles in so many countries, people gobbled them up for their usefulness, and fell in love with them for their function. Copied endlessly and often piece for piece these vehicles continue to to be produced endlessly in an unimaginable variety of purpose built variations. 1969_Jeep_XJ001_Concept_03 1985_AMC_Eagle For a little insight into the de-evolution of the Jeep brand, from the original ideal of the Jeep, follow the yellow brick load of concepts over the years.

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  • Nice article! I actually drove a Jeepney once in da phils. I tried to shift and the shifter fell out of the trans… OOPS!

    • SupraLordass