Ugly Bear lives in the Forest

There once was an ugly bear. He lived in the Forest.  He had a much loved brother, who to some was much nicer looking. However, something something jokes continues, more comparison, hilarious wit, COROLLAZZZZ. Young people making lame things look cool has been the name of the game for a few years now. HellaFlush some how managed to make even Dodge Neons acceptable to look at. Part of the progression of the 'JDM' trend is a bit of mix of the ho-hum dolled up and fit well, even on cheap rims. Making the everyday a little classier, bolder. Ae92 Corollas are a staple of college kid transportation. Cheap, ultra reliable and easy to find. Some of these eventually gain some attention themselves and make way into the world of Hella-things. Pictured above is a North American model AE92 Sedan with Japanese/Philippine nose, mirrors and taillights. Now the Japanese obsession is no where near passed, however new outlets are always sought after. What many people don't realize is that the AE92 Sedan we recieved in North America was the Corolla version (our Ae92 Coupes were the same as the Japanese Sprinter Truenos).  We got these in droves, piles of them, one of the best cars ever made really. Most people are not aware that Japan has two lines of cars based off the same platform since the late 60's: The Toyota Corolla and the Toyota Sprinter are two seperate names, but often basically the same car. For example the AE86 is known as the Toyota Corolla Levin and the Toyota Sprinter Trueno. Levin and Trueno being the top performance models of the Corolla and Sprinter lines. So these AE92 Corolla sedans are great cars you say? I should rock one as a stylish Daily? Sure you should, however, for a few extra style points why don't you drive a Toyota Sprinter model instead? We did, few noticed, but North America actually got the Toyota Sprinter version of the AE92 sedans. Pictured above is the Sprinter Sedan. The Corolla and Sprinter models look very similar, but there is some Specific differences, compare to below. You'll notice that the "C" pillars are completely different. Also that the noses are different shapes. Most importantly, the body lines are different. Oddly enough though the doors, fenders, ETC bolt on to each other, and work just fine, however, the body lines are quite different. The Corolla version has a sunken door line in the middle, where the Sprinter has none. ETC. You can see a Corolla door on a Sprinter below: You'll also notice the top corner of the Corolla door is rounded, where the Sprinter has a square corner. So what were you saying about North American Sprinter Sedans? Yes, we got them, as the Geo Prizm. The same Japanese body style as the Sprinter, but sold through General motors as a Geo. Go figure. Strange B pillar, odd door lines and all. The AWD Corolla wagons (not the AWD Sedans) were also Sprinters. They were sold as Corolla All-trac wagons. Most interesting? The Toyota Sprinter 5 door was also sold as a Geo Prizm. It seems the most obscure of the bunch, slammed on some shitty XXR's with a Yakima Rack it might be ehhh-okay. Here's the Kicker. Canadian? Good luck, Geo Prizms were only sold in the States, like this example from old parked cars. However, some people have already beaten this post to the punch!  Like this Example below with Cali plates! Or this european example from Juice Box.  

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  • corolla and sprinter = corona and carina

    • MAURO
  • So geo prizm with Corolla wagon front end= perfect knockoff?

    • Anonymous
  • Carina = corona
    Also what you said up the top is wrong they ar not Toyota Sprinter Truenos
    They are a toyota Sprinter they are sort after even japan most of them are the gt model with 4age etc. as i suspect they cost more than the corolla GT there would be no point as the corollas were just the same probably cheaper.

    • Daniel
  • You could add a pic of Micko’s ae95 – Jed ;)

    • Anonymous