You Must've Benz Crazy

Someone was, someone was right nuts. More and more as I dig in I notice the impact of the World war on automotive culture. Money was no object when the world was split in two. Much of the technologies developed for the war found it's way into cars. t80-2 Late at night, browsing my collection of obscure cars I've saved photos of on my hard drive, I glanced upon a rare Gemballa 560SEC Mercedes Benz. Gemballa the famous Porsche tuner, built only a hand full of these wide body cars for some special royalty. I needed to know more, first to determine the origins of the car. Sleuthing shoes on! gemballa-w126sec-001 Hmmm, well the Gemballa site, and the wiki on Gemballa doesn't have information about this car. I'll check the W126 wiki article for some information. Nothing here eh? No worries, I wonder what else cool there was? Oh a list of Benz vehicles...wasen't there some Rotary concept? I remember it from playing MBWR and it was pretty cool looking.... 1969-mercedes-c111-4 Yes! The C111, who'd a thunk a German company would've spent time playing with a rotary, heck they managed to play with 2 and 4 rotor engines for the C111, and long before Audi's diesel racing success, there was a C111 diesel variant as well! Neat! Hey, I remember this land speed record car from MBWR as well, oh look an list of Benz prototypes.... T80 maybe that's it? Nah, but this is also crazy!!!! They musta benz crazy! m122 No no no no, stupid that's the SPEED BOAT concept BASED on the 3,000HP Benz T80 land speed car. D'oh! Silly me, I always make that mistake. It's often easy to confuse a dictators dream of a six wheeled car designed to show how his plan of a single European countries engineering muscle would add to convincing the world that country was superior. Seems fairly logical to think that a 6400lb car can do 750kmp/h. Also seems pretty affordable with the war going on. Does it only come in silver? T80A Now where is that backround information on the Gemballa 560SEC!?!?! Dammit I get so sidetracked. gemballa-w126sec-002

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