I posted pics of this monstrosity when I first picked her up. I prioritized and got a job and a place to live but now that I have those two things I can start on the car. [caption id="attachment_488" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="They\'re coming to get you Barbara!"]They're coming to get you Barbara![/caption] The plan will probably be tranny, suspension, engine, rear end in almost that order as well as rust repair, sex appeal (can you do that to a Corolla?) rims etc. <-in no particular order. [caption id="attachment_489" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Auto fail 4ack! It\'s like a 4ac but more repulsive"]Auto fail 4ack!  It's like a 4ac but more repulsive[/caption] The guy I got the car from also just gave me a "race seat". I didn't know what to expect when he offered and now I don't know what to do with it. It's a genuine Sperco DO WANT: T50 4ag (Silver, black, blue, red...whatever I can find) 86 disc to disc rear end Quad headlight and grill setup Star Sharks Riverside Riveredge Cowbell More cowbell If you'll excuse me, I have to go buy a JDM to get this project started right.

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  • fail on the disc brake conversion rear unless it’s a zenki. Deal with the drums fool, get the locker


    How to build a Corolla DQ spec:

    Rear shocks are MK3 Supra front shocks
    Rear springs are MK3 or mk4 springs cut to the right height.

    use a spring calculator to get the right spring rate, the shorter you cut them the stiffer they get, so cut springs rock!



    Then, T50 swap if you can find one, T40 will work, but you’ll need an A series bell housing. Clutch master and pedal assembly from almost any car will work for the most part. cut the brake pedal down to clear the clutch pedal.

    if you can’t get a T50/40 then just use a bellhousing converter to fit a W58 to the 4ac using the $99 bracket on (bell housing adaptor) http://www.brdracing.com/t50_t40_w50_drivetrain.htm
    I emailed the owner of BRD racing and the bell housing adapter can be used to convert W58’s to A series and T series engines (two holes need drilling for the A series engine)

    Front suspension, buy some old MA60 front struts and lower control arms from a Supra or Cressida. Then, get the casings shortened at your local welder. make them short enough to fit AE92 strut cartridges.

    Drill the steering knuckles with new holes closer to the ball joint (inch or two should do it) pull the boots off the steering rack, remove the tire rods, fit a few washers in there, bolt the tie rods back on, and enjoy your 60 or 70 degrees of steering lock.

    5-speed, check
    locked diff, check
    Lower stiff suspension, check
    tons of steering lock, check
    drift skills…..practice! :D

    • discoquinn